Inaugural issue of Journal of Chinese Literature & Culture

The Journal of Chinese Literature & Culture, edited by Yuan Xingpei 袁行霈 and Zong-qi Cai 蔡宗齊, has just published vol. 1, no. 1-2.

It includes articles on poetry such as “The Life and Afterlife of Ling Zhiyuan (1831–1852) and Her Poetry Collection” by Grace S. Fong, “Primers and Poetry in Ancient China: Shenglü fameng and Beyond” by Zhang Jian 張健, Dandan Chen 陳丹丹, “Tao Yuanming: A Symbol of Chinese Culture” by Yuan Xingpei and Alan Berkowitz, and “Poetry and Diplomacy in the Zuozhuan” by Wai-Yee Li 李惠儀.

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