Almost Island

In honor of the upcoming China – India Writers Dialogues, I wanted to point out the journal Almost Island, whose editors Sharmistha Mohanty and Vivek Narayanan have been organizing the Dialogues.

See also the Almost Island publication of Mohanty’s essay on her experiences in China, “Mountains and Rivers“; Xi Chuan only gets the briefest of mentions (Bei Dao 北岛, Ouyang Jianghe 欧阳江河, and Li Tuo 李陀 get fuller discussions), but it’s a grand take on one writer’s considerations of China and its contrasts with India. Also the prose poem “Editorial Sutras,” which offers Mohanty’s impressions of the first Chinese – Indian Writers’ Dialogue, in 2009.

2 thoughts on “Almost Island

  1. Well, I’ll trust that there’s interesting stuff there, but if I have to wade through that much Flash to get to any of it, I’ll never read it.

  2. You can take up Almost Island’s web design with the editors, but following either of the links to “Mountains and Rivers” or “Editorial Sutras” above you can get to flash-free pages of the articles directly, and even download .pdf files as well.


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