Goodman’s Li Li in Two Lines

The newest online edition of Two Lines features three Li Li 李笠 poems as translated by Eleanor Goodman.

Here’s a bit from his “Thinking of My Father While Sick”:

Did you lie there like this too? In the dawn and spreading cancer cells
you turned over, peeled a tangerine. It was raw and raining
You saw the moon digging a tomb inside your body……
I turn over. Peel a tangerine. I wish my children would come to me
so I might hear the tender young sound of “Are you better?”
They don’t come.

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Manfredi on the Poetic Survivors’ Paintings

Mang KePaul Manfredi at China Avantgarde writes about the exhibition of the paintings of the Poetic Survivors. He explains:

This exhibition, title The Poetic Survivors 诗意的幸存者 , is on a larger scale than many iterations past, with some new members in the line-up. In particular is the calligraphy of Tang Xiaodu 唐晓渡, long-time critic and cultural figure whose visual art I had never seen before this collection emerged. Also notable is the preface to the exhibition written by Yang Lian, who is not often so closely engaged with goings-on inside China. The funding will carry this exhibition through numerous cities over the next 12 months, among them and besides Shanghai where the operation kicked off in November, will be Beijing, Shenyang, and Dalian.

The seven-person lineup this time rather different from previous “Poets Group” (诗派) of painters, with only Mang Ke 芒克, and Yan Li 严力 the constant members. They are here joined by Tang Xiaodu 唐晓渡, as mentioned, but also You You 友友, Guo Changhong 郭长虹, Li Li 李笠 and Jie Wei 解危.

Click the image above of the painting by Mang Ke for Manfredi’s write-up, and Yang Lian’s intro in Chinese (the English of which I translated for the exhibition brochure).

Asymptote’s 3rd Anniversary in Shanghai

To celebrate turning 3, Asymptote will make its first-ever appearance in Shanghai on 29 Mar (Saturday) at Anne-Cecile Noique ART! In collaboration with NYU Shanghai, we jointly present “New Voices from South Korea and China,” featuring Asymptote contributors Eleanor Goodman and Eun Joo Kim. Eleanor Goodman will be reading her translations of Chinese poets Li Li 李笠, Sun Wenbo 孙文波, and Wang Xiaoni 王小妮 while Eun Joo Kim will be reading her translations of the Korean poet Kim Ki-taek. The readings will be followed by a short Q&A. Come out and celebrate with us!

Click the image above for more information.

诗东西 Poetry East West

A new double issue of the Beijing / LA-based literary journal Poetry East West 诗东西 is out, featuring poems by Xi Chuan in my translation and a grand host of other poets translated into & out of Chinese, from Diana Shi and George O’Connell’s Yu Jian 于坚 to Charles Laughlin’s Ma Lan 马兰 and Fan Jinghua’s Cheng Ying 成婴, along with Fan Jinghua’s 范静哗 translations of Derek Walcott, Li Li’s 李笠 translations of new Nobel Prize-winner Tomas Tranströmer, and others. Click on the link above for the full Table of Contents, or here for ordering and subscription information.