Sinica: Chinese Literature in Translation podcast

At Popup Chinese Jeremy Goldkorn interviews translators Linda Jaivin and Alice Liu for a wide-ranging translation of what translation is, how it affects us, how to or not to do it, and how contentious translators can be in private. All that and a resounding endorsement of Xi Chuan’s Notes on the Mosquito!

Listen here or follow this link to download.

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Path Light on Podcast

Over at Popupchinese‘s Sinica series, host Jeremy Goldkorn is joined by Paper Republic‘s Eric Abrahamsen and Alice Liu, managing editor of Path Light: New Chinese Writing, as well as Jo Lusby, general manager of Penguin books in North Asia, for a special podcast on Path Light and the state of contemporary Chinese literature.

Despite the fact that Xi Chuan’s work (in my translation) is joined by that of five other poets–Lei Pingyang 雷平阳, Sun Lei 孙磊, Hou Ma 侯马, Yu Xiang 宇向, and Wong Leung Wo 王良和–the discussion says not a word about Chinese poetry. Still, it’s a worthwhile and informative podcast nonetheless.