Xi Chuan at the MLA

Happy New Year!

If you’ll be at the MLA in Seattle this year–or in the area on Friday, January 6–please join me in attending the “Creative Conversation with the Chinese Poet Xi Chuan” from 5:15 to 6:30 in the Sheraton, room Grand B. Despite the lame title, the event should be excellent, with Prof. Chris Lupke moderating and conducting the interview. And in addition to Xi Chuan reading his poems in Chinese–which I may accompany by reading my translations–copies of the pocket volume A Song of the Corner 牆角之歌 from the International Poetry Nights will also be available.

Unlike most MLA events, this one is open to the public.

One thought on “Xi Chuan at the MLA

  1. Lucas,
    looking forward to it.
    And how long are you staying? Xi Chuan will be reading at Seattle Public Library on Monday, and Elliott Bay (we expect) the following night. For the latter, Rick Simonson is working on a small pamphlet of Xi’s works. I expect with your translations?

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