TK Lee on Chen Li: Toward a Material Poetics in Chinese

MCLC logoCheck out, if you can, a new article on Taiwanese poet Chen Li 陳黎, from the new issue of Modern Chinese Literature & Culture, by Tong King Lee 李忠慶: “Toward a Material Poetics in Chinese: Text, Translation, and Technology in the Works of Chen Li.” From the abstract:

How do text, translation, and technology intersect and interact in contemporary Chinese poetics? This essay attempts an answer to this question through a case study of the Taiwanese poet Chen Li (b.1954) … The essay examines how translation and technology collaborate to produce a visceral poetics that demands not just the capacity to interpret for meaning, but also sensory attention to the physical word and somatic participation in the generation of literary experience. In so doing, it highlights the dialectic between verbal and non-verbal modes as well as between digital and non-digital technologies in contemporary Chinese literature.

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