Chinese Literature Dissertation Reviews: Nick Admussen’s Parallel Publications

Translation Banks, Little Magazines & Online Venues Dissertation Reviews has posted Nick Admussen’s Talking Shop article “Parallel Publications: Translation Banks, Little Magazines, Online Venues.” Here’s how it begins:

Many scholars of East Asian Studies who are preparing dissertations based on archival research encounter, sooner rather than later, occasions for translation. Historians, political scientists, and literature scholars who are publishing outside their research language can rarely depend on prior work—Western-language communities simply have not translated a sufficient amount of material to allow for dissertations and monographs that exclusively cite previously completed translations. Some projects only require the scholar to summarize a few documents, or translate a sentence or two. Others translate so copiously that they serve as anthologies… This Talking Shop piece will give some options writers might consider, both during dissertation research and after, to make as much as possible out of the contribution that translation represents—even for those who don’t consider translation a stand-alone part of their intellectual or academic profile.

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