Liu Qian reviews Jonathan Stalling’s Yingelishi

YingelishiFollowing up on her interview with Jonathan Stalling, World Literature Today has published Liu Qian’s 刘倩 review of Yingelishi. Here’s how it begins:

Our appreciation of poetry almost always takes place within a single language. Although poems written in one language can be translated into other languages, often-translated poems lose their unique prosody, images, and culturally specific significance. From this perspective, Jonathan Stalling’s new book, Yingelishi, can be regarded as a crucial breakthrough. This book of poetry wanders freely between Chinese and English, leaping over the gap between sound and meaning, providing its readers with an experience virtually unprecedented as the same sounds enact poetic references in both languages simultaneously.

Click on the image to read the full review. And here’s my review again, for good measure.