Paper Republic Roll-call of Book Translations from Chinese in 2018

Paper Republic has published its roll-call of book translations from Chinese into English in 2018.

We say this every year, but this really is a bumper crop. From classics to contemporary literature, poetry to scifi to short stories and a beautiful graphic memoir … our list this year has thirty novels or other book-length works, and six poetry collections.

The poetry books for 2018 are:

YANG Mu, Hawk of the Mind, ed. Michelle Yeh, various translators, (Columbia University Press)

Li Shangyin, ed. Chloe Garcia Roberts, tr. Chloe Garcia Roberts, A.C. Graham and Lucas Klein,  (New York Review Books)

GAO Xingjian, Wandering Mind and Metaphysical Thoughts, tr. Gilbert C F Fong. Bilingual edition (Chinese University Press)  

YAN Jun, 100 Poems of 10,000 Elephants, tr. Matt Turner and Weng Haiying (

MANG Ke, October Dedications, tr. Lucas Klein, Huang Yibing, and Jonathan Stalling (Zephyr Press)

ZHU Zhu, The Wild Great Wall, tr. Dong Li (Phoneme Media)

Take a look at the full list!