Bill Porter (Red Pine) in News China

A News China article features Bill Porter, a/k/a Red Pine 赤松. It’s mostly a promo for his “new book, Finding Them Gone, which will also be his final book,” the article says (forthcoming from Copper Canyon). But it ends with significant details and a point about translating classical Chinese poetry. Here’s how:

Having all but wrapped up his upcoming book, Porter, 70, said he felt it was time for him to stop writing, and that his recent visits to graves of some of his favorite poets were a fitting way to bring an end to his publishing career. The collection, which includes the work of 36 poets, spanning pre-modern work by Confucius (551-479 BC) to the writings of Hanshan. It is expected to be published in both English and Chinese in 2015.

“I enjoy reading their poetry and wanted to pay my respect,” he said. “Most foreigners translate Chinese poetry sitting in libraries, but if you don’t go to the place and know nothing of the background, how could you know the meanings of the poems?”

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