Interview with Asian Cha’s Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal editor Tammy Ho interviewed in MonkeyBicycle:

Cha is the first Hong Kong-based online literary journal, and it has published many local and expat writers and artists, introducing them to the world’s literary scene. We also act as a general connecting point between writers in the West and writers in Asia, although I must say this distinction, ‘writers in the West and writers in Asia,’ is not in fact that useful and may soon be obsolete, as people, ideas, customs and habits circulate all over the world in an ever more efficient fashion. Of course, sometimes writers in the West may find themselves becoming writers in Asia, and vice versa, either through psychological affiliations or physical journeys.

Over the last six years, we have introduced a number of features that make the journal special. For example, each issue is guest edited by one or two former contributors, who read the submissions with Jeff Zroback (my co-editor) and I, and who help us make the final editorial decisions. This gives each issue a different flavor and tone and fosters a sense of community: the fact that past contributors are happy to return to work with us as guest editors tells us that they like the journal enough to want to continue a relationship with it. This is very heartening. We also hold contests (poetry, flash fiction, critiques) whenever a patron is interested in funding one. We are also in a very good position to publish special issues such as “The China Issue” (July 2011) and “The Ancient Asia Issue” (December 2013), which I hope are useful resources for those who are particularly interested in Asian-themed literature written in or translated into English.

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