Xi Chuan and Lucas Klein recording at Harvard’s Woodberry Poetry Room

PhotographThe Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard has finally uploaded our recording from last March!

The Woodberry website lists titles in pinyin because it doesn’t support Chinese characters, so here are the titles for what we recorded in Chinese with English translation:

无关紧要之歌 A Song of no Matter

墙角之歌 A Song of the Corner

窝藏着我的尾巴 I Bury My Tail

关于黑暗房间里的假因果真偶然 On False Causality and True Chance in a Dark Room

厄运 Ill Fortune

熟人 Acquaintances

伴侣 Companion

我奶奶 My Grandmother

蚊子志 Notes on the Mosquito

Thanks to Chloe Garcia Roberts for the arrangements!

Click on the image above to link to the virtual listening booth.